Piola Brickell, Miami, Florida
International Franchise Restaurant Construction
Callegari Construction & Associates has executed a variety of commercial and residential projects for local and international clientele, as well as, consulting services to local financial institutions and private investors. We Specialize in:
Relax Your Back, Doral, Florida
Chiropractic and Spa Offices Buildout and Interior Design
ICON Condominium, Brickell, Florida
Sales Center Construction

Palau Restaurant, Brickell, Florida
International Franchise Restaurant Buildout
EPIC Residences, Brickell, Florida
Apartment Buildout
Residential Projects:
Brickell Condominium, Brickell, Florida
Apartment Remodel and Interior Design
Brickell On The River, Brickell, Florida
Apartment Buildout
Infinity Condominium, Miami, Florida
Apartment Remodeling
Single-Family Home, Miami, Florida
Room Addition
"Not only is Cristina Callegari a very talented General Contractor, but she has vast experience in Interior Design! I couldn't have done it without her. I highly recommend her for any project"

      ~ Dr. Maria Quintero, Relax Your Back, Miami Florida.

BOTECO , Brickell, Florida
International Brazilian Restaurant Renovation
"Cristina and Marianne I just came back from Miami. I got the chance to see the condos and I am very satisfied with the work!"

      ~ Owner of 3 Units at EPIC Residences, Miami, Florida.

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"I have known Cristina Callegari for 3 years. Cristina has proven to be a responsible and competent project manager who not only understands blueprints, but also executes (renders) a superb and satisfactory product. Her ability to pass inspections and comply with all government code requirements has led to succesful jobs, which include: Piola Brickell, and Palau Brickell. It has been a pleasure to work with her over the and I look forward to continue working with her in the future."

      ~ Norberto Rosenstein, Architect for Piola and Palau Brickell, Florida.

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“We always dreamed of opening one of our franchise restaurants in Florida but were new to the country and had no idea where to start. Callegari Construction and their team of Associates made our dreams a reality. Cristina, as project leader, and her crew were with us every step of the way and were as excited about the results as we were. We recommend Callegari & Associates to our friends and to anyone who is planning to build a new business, for their professionalism, craftsmanship and quality work.”

~  Ana Maria  & Adino Cabriles, Owners of Palau Restaurant,
Brickell, Florida

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